Shing02, Homo Caeruleus Cerinus

Shing02, Homo Caeruleus Cerinus (1999)

Shingo2 is the nom de plume for a Japanese-American rapper/producer who resides in the Bay Area and a band comprised of Japanese and American members. Guest MC’s like Kenji Fukui (“One”) and Jah Earl (“Pinnacle”) wax poetic over beats comprised of equal parts Co-Flow funcrush and Tackhead electronics, courtesy of guitarist Capital, bassist Mr. Buckner and DJ Nozawa. Together, the collective emits a sound reminiscent of DJ Krush’s studious atmospherics, yet electrified and dissonant. The inarguable highlight is a brilliant 12-minute homage to Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s The Little Prince. Revolg.

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