Qwel, The Rubber Duckie Experiment

Qwel, The Rubber Duckie Experiment (2002)

“I might just murder my third person,” says Qwel on The Rubber Duckie Experiment. A forthright MC from Chicago who specializes in freewheeling word association, Qwel uses metaphors in ways that defy logic, building verses that leap from image to image with only the listener’s imagination to fill in the details. “See, silence to me sounds like patience, not the silence we created,” he opines on “Silence.” “That silence is a low tone, an electric hum, that gets us guns to try and break it.” Spitting hard and fast, he infuses The Rubber Duckie Experiment with powerful stories driven by deft wordplay and and a desire to make MCs’ “noses split.” The music, made by various producers, is dark and foreboding, yet almost unanimously fit his voice like a glove, leading to highs like “Pinocchio Syndrome.” Qwel the self-proclaimed rubber duckie reigns here, angry and on edge. Galapagos4.

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