Murs, The End of the Beginning

Murs, The End of the Beginning (2003)

Murs has been banging it out in the hip-hop underground for years, selling albums hand-to-hand to heads at shows around the country. On The End of the Beginning, he talks about touring with his Living Legends crew on “God’s Work” (“Try being on the road for 45 days straight/Road manager’s the driver and myself plus eight”), being the victim of racial profiling on “Last Night,” and getting “lettuce” from frisky females with Digital Underground’s Shock G and Humpty Hump on the salaciously G-funked “Risky Business.” Although signing with Definitive Jux put his career on the fast track, don’t look for that label’s typically astringent sound here, although a bouncy pairing with El-P on “The Dance” offers tantalizing possibilities. Instead, Murs uses a patchwork of beats, from the crusty guitar blues of “God’s Work” to the percussive-based “Transitions of a Rider,” to make an exciting if occasionally inconsistent listen. No matter, says Murs on “The Scuffle”: “Even if I only make MTV2/It’s better than being stuck in a rut being you.”

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