Rah Digga, Dirty Harriet

Rah Digga, Dirty Harriet (2000)

Rah Digga comes tight as fuck on her long-delayed solo debut. Her verses are dripping with metaphors and similes, chock full of gems that will have heads scratching their heads and pressing rewind on their CD players. “Tell the motherfuckers I’m tight like Ebeneezer/Scrooge/Still look pretty without rouge,” she brags on “Showdown”. On “Straight Spittin’ Part II,” she spits, “I’ll fuck a nigga’s head up like an ex-girl turned dyke bitch.” The Imperial features contributions from top producers such as Pete Rock, Mr. Walt, DJ Premier, Rockwilder and several others. Their combined work offers a variety of styles for the listener to enjoy, and while there may not be any outstanding tracks on the par of last year’s single “Tight,” there are plenty of bright moments: Rah Digga bouncing all over a Rockwilder kick drum on “Break Fool,” and Pete Rock’s signature soul loops on “What They Call Me.” Several guests join Rah Digga as well, including her cliques Outsidaz and Flipmode Squad as well as mentor Busta Rhymes and her beau Young Zee. The Outsidaz, with their post-Pharoahe Monch wailing about how hardcore they are and how many bitches they’ve fucked, are particularly extraneous. Rah Digga’s wordplay dazzles, but her grimy and unrepentant hardcore language may seem offensively dated to contemporary listeners, even as she upends gender expectations about rap aggression. Unfortunately, fans were uncomfortable with a woman spitting “like a man,” and Dirty Harriet was a noble commercial failure. Elektra.

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