Mission Control Presents: Prehistoric Sounds Feat. Mood

Mission Control Presents: Prehistoric Sounds Feat. Mood (2000)

Cincinnati, Ohio trio Mood hasn’t been heard from since their 1997 debut, Doom, drew a strong, cult-like following. Back then, the group displayed a knack for taking the Wu-Tang Clan’s pre-millennial obsessions to new lo-fi depths, waxing over dark beats partly crafted by a then-unknown DJ Hi-Tek. Three years later, a new compilation issued by Mood’s record label Mission Control, Prehistoric Sounds, finds them alongside emerging Cincinnati artists like Five Deez, Rubix, and Lone Catalysts. Even Talib Kweli and DJ Hi-Tek, who first became partners through the making of Doom, return for a few tracks. On the argumentative “Millionaires,” produced by Jahson, Kweli raps, “There’s mad millionaires in the ghetto/All material things lose their value with time/That’s why you’ll find I’m a millionaire of the mind/I pack a million thoughts in every rhyme.” Prehistoric Sounds could have easily appeared in 1997, when everyone was rapping about an Armageddon that has yet to appear; in the 21st century, it doesn’t sound like anything else. “OH-10” features Mood rapping alongside Elite Terrorist while Jahson drops piano hits, RZA “Cold World” style. “Unconscious MCs” finds the group rapping, “You know it’s a shame is/People walk the planet earth aimless/Unconscious, blameless.” Personal integrity, societal ills, and the wickedness of the record industry are part of a long list of topics Prehistoric Sounds addresses. It requires a certain amount of patience. There are no Premier-influenced chopped tracks for college radio; no R&B singers for urban radio mix shows, just a downtempo vision unfettered by nothing but the need to create it.

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