The 100 Best Rap Singles of 1990: BWP

“Two Minute Brother” (No Face)
Billboard chart position: Hot Rap Singles (#6)

Bytches With Problems briefly emerged when Queens musician Mark Sexx tried to build a No Face empire under Rush Associated Labels. Sexx produced a surprisingly funny and witty concept album, No Face’s Wake Your Daughter Up, that earned more controversy over its lyrics than record sales. Unfortunately, the same would happen with the derivatively named BWP — just like NWA, get it? — and The Bytches. But “Two Minute Brother” was an indisputably memorable moment, a sharp, raunchy shot at all the men who talked a bedroom game they couldn’t back up. It became the only real hit of the No Face project, and remains catnip for fans looking for precursors to Nicki Minaj, City Girls and today’s fast-talking rap women.

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