Editor’s Note: February 29, 2020

Welcome to the redesigned edition of Critical Minded. This site has been in existence since 2012, and it has largely served as an archive for work from my two-decades-plus career as a music journalist and critic. Going forward, I plan to focus on new stories. However, some of the “reprints” from its earlier iteration will still be available. As usual, things may change according to my whims at the moment.

This shift in direction would not be possible without Sasha Vladimirskiy. He customized the Magbook theme used on this site, and continues to help me transform Critical Minded into a small, vibrant internet ‘zine. I am deeply grateful for his assistance.

Thanks are also due to Cindy Astorga, who designed the banner. Fiona Hansen provided a vital assist by helping me select colors. And while the late DJ Stef isn’t involved with this site, I’m thinking of her and how she selflessly worked on my earlier online project Plug One. As much as writing can be a solo adventure, I would not be where I am without timely help from friends.

Critical Minded is a labor of love, and I hope you find something to enjoy amongst the offerings here.

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