Open Mike Eagle & Paul White, “Dang is Invincible”

On the surface, this visual accompaniment to “Dang is Invincible” doesn’t seem to have much to do with Open Mike Eagle’s lyrics about powering through life in spite of his insecurities. However, an artist statement from director Alex Pierre, who headed the DOULZIA animation team that made the video, reveals otherwise. It’s worth reading:

“Conceptually the video parallels Mike’s stream of consciousness and the narrative style of rap. The video follows Studio Doulzia’s Noul (the protagonist of their film concept Skeletonblood) moving through train cars in a New York Subway Q Train. Noul anxiously looks for a train car where she can feel at ease, her journey speaks to finding assurance and humor in the subtle unfamiliarities that exist within the atmosphere of intimate settings like train cars, that otherwise could make a person feel vulnerable. The song felt really visceral, and we wanted to capture that as much as we can visually.”

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