Psalm One, The Death of Frequent Flyer

Psalm One, The Death of Frequent Flyer (2006)

One of the best songs on the 14-track disc is “Rapper Girls,” an attack on wack MCs that wraps around an R&B beat and Psalm One’s chorus, “This is for my rapper girls/Cut it out/Cut that shit out.” The other, “Macaroni and Cheese,” is more abstract as she rhymes “Call me erector set I set up shop/It’s time to wreck yes you best check your watch” over a funk-blues track. That leaves twelve more songs marked by Psalm One’s sharp punchlines, a liquid flow, and a frustrating tendency to slur her words. Whether those qualities sound inviting depend on your estimation of an underground hip-hop scene that tends to yield more shit-talkers than good songwriters. Rhymesayers.

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