The Madd Rapper, Tell ‘Em Why U Madd

The Madd Rapper, Tell ‘Em Why U Madd (2000)

“The Madd Rapper is not a hater. He’s just upset. He’s upset because nobody’s giving him a chance to do what he do,” Deric “D-Dot” Angelettie says of his infamous character during an interview on the Madd Rapper’s new album Tell ‘Em Why U Madd. But judging by the lyrical styles he flexes on this album, the Madd Rapper wasn’t put on for a good reason. Some of the music on Tell ‘Em Why U Madd is sublime, from the old 70’s loop girding “Ghetto” (produced by a then-unknown Kanye West) to the electric guitar wafting through “Dot vs. TMR’s” wicked bass lines. As befits his reputation as a member of Puff Daddy’s famed Hitmen, who are responsible for several of the Bad Boy label’s biggest hits, D-Dot laces his joint with several beats that occasionally overshadow his verses. His penchant for delivering rhymes as if they were a flurry of hooks may be in keeping with the trend of the day, but as KRS-One so eloquently once put it, “Bad, mad, glad, bad/Sad!” Released on D-Dot’s Crazy Cat Catalogue imprint, with distribution from Columbia Records.

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