Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, BTNHResurrection

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, BTNHResurrection (2000)

On BTNHResurrection, Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony’s penchant for grotesquely violent lyrics is matched by its unique ability to distort words through harmonizing. Baldfaced choruses like “We’re souljahs marching in for war” are channeled into repetitive chants, as if the group were modern-day monks. Weed smoke seems to emanate from their lazy, bleedy-eyed music. The beats, mostly done by DJ U-Neek and Jimmy “JT” Thomas, are oddly appropriate; the terminally slow BPM’s heightening the overall weirdness. One made by LT Hutton, “Can’t Give It Up,” is a fuzzy electro banger; another that accompanies Bone’s “Ecstasy” weds a guitar, softly plucking at the strings, to a thumping bass drum. Highly idiosyncratic, Bone’s music is an original synthesis. But upon close inspection, their lyrics are relatively standard shoot-‘em-up rhymes, simplistic odes to the thug life. “I’m gonna find my bitch and fuck her ass to death,” Flesh yells during a paean to the new trendy drug for rappers, “Ecstasy”; one of that song’s choruses, “Feel so violent/Fucking with that ecstasy,” reveals that even the strongest of sedatives can’t dampen a thug’s thirst for bloodshed. Underneath the blunted creativity stand five individuals obsessed with their own demons, unable to exorcise them through the power of music. Ruthless Records.

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