Busdriver, Temporary Forever

Busdriver, Temporary Forever (2002)

For the uninitiated, Busdriver will seem to be a delirious psychotic, a rambling MC with verbal diarrhea. One must remember, though, that half of the Los Angeles underground hip-hop scene, as well as a good portion of the Jamaican dancehall industry, several members of Anticon, Twista, and Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony rap in the same run-on, staccato cadences, making Busdriver’s Temporary Forever less an exercise in willful affrontery than encoded sociology. This becomes apparent on the appropriately titled “Jazz Fingers” when Busdriver lollygags over O.D.’s fire music at a seemingly brisk pace and Aceyalone shows up and begins rapping with the same frenetic delivery. “Hopefully the jazzman will be appreciated for the work that they have done in the past, present, and future,” Aceyalone says self-referentially, stumbling over the last stanza while former Invisibl Skratch Pikl D-Styles happily scratches away. Busdriver’s more than a third-rate Project Blowdian, though it’s clear he’s been influenced considerably by Aceyalone’s Freestyle Fellowship adventures. He capably proves on “Stylin’ Under Pressure” to have a winning sense of humor, playfully answering a Carl’s, Jr. clerk’s frustrated requests for his order with absurd responses like “How about a person burger, cause eating a hamburger is worse than murder.” But eventually, one must make peace with Busdriver’s manic motormouth. It helps that his words are matched with beats by Daddy Kev, O.D., Paris Zax, and other quick-witted producers capable of tracks like “Along Came a Biter,” where Paris Zax crafts a flute-ridden jig to parallel Busdriver’s vocal eccentricities, adding new melodies to the track as the dreadlocked MC’s flow grows more convoluted. Still, by the end of the disc you suspect that even Busdriver can only take so much of himself: He tries to repeat the hilarious “Stylin’ Under Pressure” gag at another fast food restaurant, only to give up and admit, “I can’t do this right now.” Released on Busdriver’s Temporary Whatever label, with distribution by Mush.

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