MF DOOM, MM..Food?

MF DOOM, MM..Food? (2004)

The long-delayed MM…Food is the third release from DOOM this year after Madvillainy and his uneven pairing with a team of producers as Viktor Vaughn on Vaudeville Villain 2, not counting miscellaneous instrumental records such as his Special Herbs and Spices series. MM…Food is split into three courses (with no dessert). The first course, a five-part meal titled “Appetizers,” is simply brilliant. The beat for “Hoe Cakes” blends J.J. Fad shouting “Super,” the opening bars of Anita Baker’s “Sweet Love,” and a random beatboxer. DOOM’s “Special Recipes” are equally strong, allowing him to explore his knack for chopping up vocal snippets from various sources over thematic numbers such as “Gumbo” and “Poo-Putt Platter.” The “Entrees” aren’t as impressive as the earlier courses, but there’s still much to recommend among them, from the staccato, early 70s keyboard loop on “Kon Queso” to the smooth R&B heaven that is “Rapp Snitch Knishes,” a mike-trading session between Doom and Mr. Fantastik. “Doggone it/Do the statistics/How he bust lyrics is too futuristic for ballistics,” raps Doom on “Kon Karne,” “And far too eccentric for forensics/I’m dedicating this mix to Subroc, the hip-hop Hendrix.” Mostly produced by DOOM, but Count Bass D handled the excellent soul-jazz number “Potholderz,” and PNS from the Molemen took on “Kon Queso.” Avoid the meandering track “Guinnesses” if possible. Rhymesayers.

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