Jaylib, Champion Sound

Jaylib, Champion Sound (2003)

Jaylib promises to be a dream collaboration between two of the hottest producers in hip-hop, Jay Dee (formerly of Slum Village) and Madlib (Lootpack, Quasimoto). But the resulting Champion Sound is slightly more earthbound, as each tries to outdo the other with numbskull raps about players and hoes. It gets so bad that Jay Dee raps on the otherwise great track “The Mission,” “Now let me speak on these journalists/Only the ones who need to learn to listen/Before they criticize verses that burn kitchens.” Champion Sound’s appeal, then, lies in the music itself, minus the disposable rhymes. On paper, at least, the two producers each produce nearly half of the album’s 17 tracks and co-produce the intro, “L.A. to Detroit.” But the beats are surprisingly consistent, and every song utilizes Jay Dee’s infamously hard drums and snares to bolster Madlib’s notoriously psychedelic samples. The combination leads to strong tracks like the dance floor bound “Raw Shit” with Talib Kweli; “The Exclusive,” a pairing with legendary rapper Percee P, who brings some much-needed lyrical aggression; and “No Games,” a bouncy panoply of 70s-era synth riffs. Champion Sound is a fun party album that’s difficult to take seriously. On subsequent reissues, certain tracks were altered due to sample clearance issues. The main casualties were lead single “The Red” as well as “No Games.” Stones Throw.

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