Immortal Technique, Revolutionary Vol. 2

Immortal Technique, Revolutionary Vol. 2 (2003)

Like their punk-rock brethren, “conscious” rappers are fond of making flat earth statements about overthrowing the government and obtaining some form of abstract justice for the people. But it’s not Harlem rapper Immortal Technique’s ability to spew well-written calls to kill the pigs that makes him so deadly, but allegations like “Condoleezza Rice is just a New Age Sally Hemmings,” which makes a devastating comparison between the national security advisor’s subordinate position to President Bush and Thomas Jefferson’s infamous slave lover. It’s next-nevel lyrics like this that has helped his second album, Revolutionary Vol. 2, released on counter-culture playwright Jonathan Stuart’s Viper Records, generate a huge buzz within New York rap circles hungry for an MC capable of voicing leftist political opinions with raw talent. Guests include imprisoned activist and journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal, who shines with a spoken dissection of the War on Terrorism on “Homeland and Hip-Hop”; and the Stronghold crew, which appears on the underground hit “Peruvian Cocaine.”

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