Freddie Foxxx/Bumpy Knuckles, Industry Shakedown

Freddie Foxxx/Bumpy Knuckles, Industry Shakedown (2000)

“If you can’t rob me in the motherfuckin’ streets, you not gonna rob me in no pussy-ass record industry!” Freddie Foxxx claims on his debut, Industry Shakedown, under the pseudonym Bumpy Knuckles. Ironically, the album details his decade-long travails in the rap game, from getting dropped from record labels to watching his inimitable, high-powered rap style bitten by better-known thugs like DMX. “I’m sick and tired of Nore and his ‘what, what, what’/Write some rhymes, nigga, or give the shit up, up, up,” Foxx taunts on “Inside Your Head,” flipping metaphorical threats faster than the Soup Nazi; on the title track, he slurs, “I need to run some dick up in Sylvia Rhone/So she can hear Bumpy rock on this microphone.” Backed by top beatminers like Pete Rock and DJ Premier, Industry Shakedown is akin to being punched in the face. Other producers include the Alchemist, Diamond D, and Foxxx himself. KJAC Music, with distribution by Landspeed Records.

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