Edan, Beauty and the Beat

Edan, Beauty and the Beat (2005)

Edan’s first two albums, including the memorable 2002 disc Primitive Plus, found the Boston MC and producer romping through old-school styles like a goofy kid in a flea market. Beauty and the Beat, however, is a more mature release, a self-conscious throwback to the hip-hop psychedelia of the early 90s. “Torture Chamber” a magnificent pairing with Percee P, sounds like Organized Konfusion’s “Releasing Hypnotical Gases,” and “Beauty” is a painfully hard-edged portrait of depression. “Psychedelic images form like avalanches,” he raps on the latter. “I use pens like hallucinogens.” This was one of the most underrated albums of the 2000s, hailed by critics and indie-rap collectors and virtually ignored by everyone else. Lewis Recordings.

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