Beans, Shock City Maverick

Beans, Shock City Maverick (2004)

As a soloist in a post-Anti-Pop Consortium career, Beans has attracted mixed reviews from listeners fearful of a lone, enigmatic artist voicing wily and esoteric raps with no one else to distort the static. A true auteur, Beans shuns forced collaborations, and he doesn’t seem to mind the hermetic claustrophobia that occasionally suffocates Shock City Maverick. It’s his spotlight, after all, and he distorts it with hints of minimalist techno and electro that both grate and slice against imagistic lyrics such as “I rock shit with no sample clearances and no guest appearances/But a reputation for consistent deviation,” on “I’ll Melt You.” Shock City Maverick is his world, and we’re just guests trying to jump into his conversation with himself. Fred Ones helped with mixing, engineering, and occasional turntable scratching. Warp.

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